Arabia Trading and Consulting Co. Ltd. (ATC) was established in 1988 in Jordan as a private partnership company, in accordance with the companies law as a Limited Liability Company. ATC is a consulting firm, which undertakes all business functions in a mix to suit its principals. ATC’s normal modus operandi is to act as an Agent/Consultant for foreign companies conducting business in Jordan; to promote its principals’ products and services through its wide range of contacts in the official and commercial spheres; and to pursue those negotiations to contract closure.

Company Details:

ATC is a well established and respected company with many international clients in various sectors. ATC is considered to be a leading Consultant/Agent in Jordan within its fields of activity. ATC works closely with its base clients to follow up with a project from the tender stage through evaluation, award and commissioning until final execution.


Arabia Trading & Consulting has been instrumental in securing major contracts for its principals in a wide range of activities. ATC has an edge in the following Jordanian market sectors:

  • Electricity: Power stations, gas turbine generators, substations 132kv & 400kv and transformers (from 80MVA to 400 MVA), and overhead transmission lines and underground cables.
  • Water Sector: Dams, pumping stations, pipes (GRP, ductile and steel), consultancy work, water treatment plants and supply of workshop equipment’s.
  • Audio Visual & Telecommunications: Fiber optic cables, HF & UHF transmitters, tetra system.
  • Industry: Fertilizer plants, steam boilers, heat recovery units, LPG and fuel storage facilities, and LPG filling stations.
  • Energy: Various fields of energy and renewable energy (shale oil, wind and solar).




Selected References:

ATC has worked with many well-established corporations on various projects. Some of our references include: Alstom(France), Alcatel(France), ABB(Switzerland), Bechtel Corporation(USA), IsoLux(Spain), AEG(Germany), Foster Wheeler(Switzerland), Le Gaz Integral(Italy), AEGEK(Greece), Hanwha(South Korea), Mitsui(Japan), Hitachi(Japan), Thales(France) among other international companies.

We have secured contracts to our clients on several of Jordan’s major projects, some of which include:

  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Interconnection Marine Cables
  • LPG Storage Facilities
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Desulfurization Systems
  • Dams
  • Water Treatment Plants


ATC’s primary services to its principals can be summarized but are not limited to the following activities:

  • The follow-up of projects within its field of activities, identifying ones that could be of interest to its principals.
  • Keeping its principals well informed of project development and the various stages from feasibility study and conceptual design to the tender stage.
  • Assisting its principals in getting local quotations for civil work, electro-mechanical work, inland transportation, insurance, port clearance and other local services to ensure the submittal of a competitive bid that will secure the project award.
  • Following up the bid evaluation and keeping the principal informed of the evaluation development, and keeping the client informed of its principal point of view in regards to the various parts of the bid.
  • If required, assisting during the contract negotiation to ensure that the best possible conditions are attained for its principals.
  • Once the contract is secured, ATC will extend its services to their principal within its role as a contractor during the execution of the contract by coordinating with the client and facilitating operational activities. For example, locating offices and residences and getting the necessary work permits, visas and other official authorizations.
  • Introducing the contractor/principal to legal advisors, auditors and other local professionals, as well as assisting the contractor/principals in hiring professional local staff during project execution and ensuring that the client is informed of contract progress.
  • Monitoring the client’s satisfaction with contract performance.
  • Assisting the contractor/principal in maintaining goodwill with the client.
  • Assisting the contractor/principal in identifying and resolving client concerns about such issues as possible contract misunderstandings, interpretations of specifications, or warranty issues.
  • Following up with the client to ensure that the payments for the contract are fulfilled for its contractor/principal in a timely manner.







Contact Information:

Tel: +962 (6) 5666299
Fax: +962 (6) 5674101
email: admin@atcgroup.jo









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