Al Kawn

Al-Kawn for Media and Advertising was established in 2003. Today, it is the fastest growing media representative company in the country, specializing in media sales and services for radio.

Company Details:

Al-Kawn controls exclusive sales and media representation for Radio Fann, one of Jordan’s leading radio station in terms of listenership figures and share of radio advertising expenditure in the country, and Radio Rotana, Jordan’s number one radio station in terms of highest listenership figures across the country and the largest share of radio advertising expenditure. Both stations have unquestionably tackled the listening needs of Jordan’s masses, enabling each radio station to serve as an advantage for all businesses looking to utilize a strong, reliable and confident marketing and advertising medium. Al-Kawn is also responsible for representing Jordan’s hippest radio station, Mix FM, which is fully owned by the group.
Due to excellent staff capabilities, and a creative and professional edge for various forms of radio productions, Al-Kawn has succeeded in establishing itself as the strongest media sales house in the Kingdom.


Contact Information:

Tel: +962 (6) 5630444
Tel 2: +962 (6) 5666634
Fax: +962 (6) 5630455
email: info@alkwan.com.jo



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