Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental part of Arabia Group’s modus operandi .It is integrated within our business strategy, and we aim to operate with a committed responsibility to invest in our people, community, and environment. 

Investor in People
At Arabia Group our people are integral to our long-term success and growth. e operate with a vested interest to develop and reward our people through real and measurable programmes.
Our employees benefit from first-class medical and life insurance and competitive bonus schemes.They work in welcoming and inspiring surroundings that offer a platform for innovation, productivity, and success.

Arabia Group and its subsidiaries employ based on equal opportunity recruitment criteria including gender , and free from any form of discrimination and prejudice.     

Investor in the Environment  
Arabia Group is an avid promoter of sustainable living.  In our workspaces LED and Solar system are installed to preserve energy. Special units are installed in the bathroom units to preserve water. These are prime examples of how businesses can successfully adopt renewable and low-impact energy solutions to their own benefit and ultimately to the benefit of their surroundings.

Investor in the Community
For over 25 years Arabia Group has been at the forefront of community sustenance. We have developed and implemented several CSR programs and initiatives to contribute and invest in the community.



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