• Youth Empowerment: In partnership with LOYAC, an NGO which focuses on youth empowerment and employability, we offer yearly internships for high school and university students to raise their capacity and prepare them for the job market.

  • Community Empowerment: Arabia Group has established a sustainable partnership with Jordan River Foundation, an NGO which targets community empowerment.

  • Supporting children in orphanages: Arabia organized and funded two Summer Camps for orphan children living in the three SOS villages in Jordan. Educational, recreational, cultural and sports activities were organized for a period of three months each summer.

  • University Scholarships: Every year, Arabia Group provides a number of university scholarships. The main target group are orphans, females and students who live in disadvantaged and remote areas.
  • Supporting Cancer Patients: Arabia group has a long term partnership with King Hussein Cancer Foundation to support their efforts in providing services for cancer patients. In addition to the donations, Arabia group sponsors most of their activities and fundraising events.

  • Ramadan Campaign: Each year in Ramadan, Arabia group prepares 500 boxes, which include a special selection of food and beverages. The boxes are distributed to poor communities to support them during the Ramadan season.

  • Cornea Donation Initiative: Arabia Group led a national initiative to encourage the public to donate their cornea.

  • Wheel chairs initiative: Members of Arabia media team travelled to the United States, and were invited by the local Jordanian Community in Los Angeles. For 2 weeks, the morning radio program was broadcasted from the US. The issues that the Jordanian American community face were addressed. Many issues were resolved through collaboration with national institutions in Jordan. During this visit, Arabia led the “wheel chairs” initiative. As a result, the 300 electrical wheel chairs were donated by Jordanian American community to the Jordanian people who need them.

  • Eye Catarat Operations: In partnership with Shami Optics, Arabia Group funded operations which targeted poor people.


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