Corp Vision
ATC was established in 1988 as a trading and consultancy company whose principle activities focused on the water and energy sectors. Over the years, ATC grew to become one of the country’s leading consultancy firms with a track record that includes some of Jordan’s main power generation, water distribution and communication infrastructure projects.

Today, ATC has grown beyond the role of facilitator between client and contractor, and plans to move into several future projects as a full operating and implementing partner with its international clients.

As ATC grew and diversified its interests into a group of more specialized companies, Arabia Group was launched as an umbrella organization to oversee these interests.

MASE (Modern Arabia for Solar Energy) is part of the group’s new approach in partnering in the infrastructure projects it enters. MASE will thus be Arabia Group’s investment arm in the renewable energy sector, with several projects already lined up to seize the opportunities being presented by the region’s growing interest in, and demand for, alternative energy products.

Over the last ten years Arabia Group has also been building a measured portfolio of media, IT and tourism brands. With interests ranging from radio and publishing, to data mining, web development and specialized catering; the Group has been successful in creating some of the country’s biggest and most recognizable brands.

Not content with maintaining the overall level and quality of its brands, Arabia Group is also adapting them to fit with emerging market trends and demands. As a pioneer in its field, the Group was the first in the region to digitize its publications and plans to launch the region’s first IPTV - all in an effort to satisfy its client’s changing demand.

Over the next few years, using the models that have proved successful in the Jordanian market as a launch pad, the Group plans to take several of the brands from the different sectors it operates in, onto a regional level.


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