Established in 2009, Kinz is the ultimate business tool specializing in corporate data provision and mining by focusing on building distinctive databases covering all sectors of the Jordanian economy, coupled with a host of added value products and services.

Company Details:

The company portal, www.kinz.jo, is Jordan’s premier source of corporate intelligence, providing customers with the Kingdom’s most comprehensive, accurate and detailed business information. And with a clear focus on data integrity and completeness as well as attention to detail, all records are constantly checked, verified and updated by highly professional and qualified staff.

Kinz is unparalleled in the volume and quality of available data, with one single source of information covering all relevant corporate intelligence that otherwise require laborious search of public records, manual publications and other data sources. Through the powerful and user-friendly search mechanism, Kinz places volumes of data at the user’s fingertips in a matter of seconds.

The Kinz value proposition is offering customers almost 100% error-free data. To achieve this objective, multi-stage quality assurance and verification processes are meticulously applied and followed by our staff. From the initial data gathering and collection stage, to the exact verification of vital coordinates including the complete corporate address and names and titles of key personnel, to the application of industry classification based on the latest international standards concluding with the carried and supported brands, Kinz is positioned as the trusted source of corporate data.

Kinz is an invaluable tool for corporate CEOs, CFOs, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and Office Administrators. Anyone who intends to sell or market any product, or is looking for new suppliers, must join Kinz today! Whether you are conducting market research and competitive analysis or wanting to create target lists for your sales and telemarketing to focus on, Kinz is clearly your perfect partner. By using Kinz you will save time and money, allowing you to focus on your core business by tapping into your target audience in a seamless and effective manner!


Contact Information:

p.o. box 940635 Amman 11194, Jordan
t: +962 (6) 5603949
f: +962 (6) 5601570



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