VBI Limited is a research, intelligence gathering, and analysis firm focused on the Middle East and North Africa region.

Our team comprises experienced professionals with a variety of backgrounds in sectors including business intelligence, journalism, finance, IT, and public service.  Our clients vary but their needs are cohesive; they rely on us to provide them with local knowledge, accurate data, and actionable intelligence.  They often have specific needs – we broadly describe the range of services we provide as follows:

Open source research

Local and regional English language media search
Local and regional Arabic language media search
Accessible database research

Local and regional database research

Corporate records research
Litigation records research
Criminal and law enforcement records research
Regulatory records research

Non-database research

Source commentary and feedback
Reputational assessment
Site visits and on-the-ground intelligence gathering

Targeted Analysis

Media monitoring and analysis 
Political environment monitoring and analysis

Additional Selected Services

Political and security risk assessment 
Manned and unmanned security services
Local liaison services

Contact Information:

Tel: +962 (79) 9233923
email: enquiries@vbi-ltd.com




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